Cyberattack Disrupts Healthcare Services at 181 Facilities

A ransomware attack on California-based healthcare system Prospect Medical Holdings has caused widespread disruptions in multiple states. The attack affected 16 hospitals and over 165 clinics and outpatient centers, stretching from Connecticut to Pennsylvania to Rhode Island to Southern California. The extent of the data breach is still unknown, but healthcare facilities are scrambling to […]

U.S. Cyber Trust Mark: Strengthening Smart Device Security

The use of connected home devices is surging, but so is the concern about cybersecurity risks. In response to the growing threat of cyberintrusions on smart devices, the White House and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) have unveiled a pioneering cybersecurity certification and labeling program: the U.S. Cyber Trust Mark. This initiative aims to enhance […]

The Misconception of Office 365

Most people believe that Microsoft Office 365, being a cloud solution, is automatically backed up and secure. Unfortunately, most people don’t find out that it is NOT backed up until it’s too late. Microsoft does an excellent job of providing uptime and availability for Office 365. Microsoft provides replication of data and services across multiple […]