Social Engineering: A Major Intrusion Vector

In the rapidly changing world of cybersecurity, social engineering remains a formidable threat, targeting the human element in an organization. Unlike traditional hacking methods that exploit technical vulnerabilities, social engineering relies on manipulating human emotions, curiosity, and trust to gain unauthorized access to sensitive information or systems. Social engineering tactics can take many forms, such […]

Proofpoint Information and Cloud Security

Today’s workforce works from anywhere. Employees now usetheir personal devices and unmanaged apps for work. Criticalinfrastructure and data increasingly reside in the public cloud.Data is lifeblood of organizations as people collaborate to drivethe next evolution of growth. With careless users and insidersand cyber attackers targeting people now more than ever—thestakes to protect data are higher […]

5 Steps to Combat Business Email Compromise (BEC)

Email fraud accounted for the largest financial losses in 2020,according to the FBI.It has cost businesses nearly $2 billion,representing 44% of all reported losses. Also, Gartner predictsthat through 2023, business email compromise (BEC) attackswill continue to double each year. It is expected to cost over $5billion and lead to large financial losses for enterprises.

10 Reasons Organizations Choose People Centric Cybersecurity

Enhance Your Microsoft 365 Security with Proofpoint: Protect your organization from cyber threats and data loss with Proofpoint’s comprehensive solution. Proofpoint is a trusted cybersecurity partner for over 200,000 Microsoft 365 customers, offering enhanced threat protection, people-centric data loss prevention, and integrated security features. Our solution stops phishing, BEC attacks, and other threats before they […]

Securing Microsoft 365

Few tools are as critical to modern business as Microsoft 365. For many organizations, the platform is a key to remote work, global collaboration and the cloud (if not synonymous with those terms). Unfortunately, the platform’s ubiquity and central role in the workplace also make it a prime target for cyber attackers— and often, the […]

Proofpoint and Zero Trust

Proofpoint Meta Secure Enterprise Access offers a solution for securing networks in the age of cloud computing and worker mobility. It enables secure remote access for employees and contractors while ensuring zero-trust security through adaptive controls and granular access. By adopting a people-centric and software-defined perimeter approach, it facilitates cloud migration and provides agility and […]