Social Engineering: A Major Intrusion Vector

In the rapidly changing world of cybersecurity, social engineering remains a formidable threat, targeting the human element in an organization. Unlike traditional hacking methods that exploit technical vulnerabilities, social engineering relies on manipulating human emotions, curiosity, and trust to gain unauthorized access to sensitive information or systems. Social engineering tactics can take many forms, such […]

2023 Global Threat Report

CrowdStrike’s 2023 Global Threat Report delves into the recent past of adversary activity so you can better prepare for future attacks. By studying the details of these events,you gain visibility into the shifting dynamics of adversary tactics: what they’re after, who they’re targeting and how they operate. This year’s report was developed based on the […]

Crowdstrike and City of Phoenix

This case study features a city that deployed various CrowdStrike products to enhance its cybersecurity capabilities. The city implemented CrowdStrike Falcon Complete MDR, which provided rapid deployment and immediate operational effectiveness. CrowdStrike’s intuitive interface and comprehensive information accelerated analyses and improved threat detection compared to other security tools. The city benefited from continuous protection, collaboration […]

2023 Cloud Risk Report

The CrowdStrike 2023 Cloud Risk Report highlights the surge in cloud-conscious cyberattacks from 2021 to 2022. The report reveals that observed cases of cloud exploitation have grown by 95%, while instances of adversaries targeting cloud environments have nearly tripled, showing a 288% increase year-over-year.

Crowdstrike & City of Las Vegas

The City of Las Vegas partnered with CrowdStrike to enhance its cybersecurity and protect its essential services and global reputation. Facing the challenge of escalating cyber threats, the city deployed the CrowdStrike Falcon platform, which provided robust endpoint security and managed security solutions. With CrowdStrike’s hybrid cloud capability and advanced technologies, the city achieved a […]

Crowdstrike, Zero Trust

CrowdStrike Zero Trust is a cloud-delivered solution that addresses the limitations of traditional security approaches in flat networks and hybrid environments. By leveraging the CrowdStrike Security Cloud, it offers real-time breach prevention on any endpoint, cloud workload, or identity location. The solution provides phased implementation, instant protection, simplified management, and high-fidelity attack correlations, reducing the […]

Crowdstrike and University of Westminster

The University of Westminster, established in 1838, faced various cybersecurity challenges in 2021, including the inadequacy of legacy antivirus software, high risk of attacks and reputational harm, surging threat of ransomware attacks, limited security coverage, evolving needs of remote working and learning, and major security visibility gaps. To address these challenges, the university chose to […]